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Security is a rapidly changing industry that is constantly being challenged by our fast paced world. You want a security firm that provides well trained, well spoken and professionally supervised security officers.  At Phoenix Security Hawaii, we can provide this level of service for you and much more.

Uniformed Officers

Mobile Patrol

Loss Prevention

Event Services

Alarm Response

Phoenix Security Hawaii
Phoenix Security Hawaii
Phoenix Security Hawaii
Phoenix Security Hawaii
Phoenix Security Hawaii


The three most common issues we hear that prompt a security vendor change are:


  • Slow or no response to client concerns or complaint no response after hours during emergencies.

  • High turnover of security personnel who had insignificant or no training and little if any supervision.

  • Poor quality personnel whose personality did not fit the property.


We have various calibers of personnel along with high quality services to match available budgets.  We know that personalities are crucial and how to properly pair the appropriate Security Officer with the toning client.  Longevity is also vital so with higher wages and excellent benefits along with upward mobility reduces Security Officer turnover.  As for responding to client concerns, we are the only Hawaii firm to maintain a true full service around the clock Dispatch Central Office who answers, resolves and document all calls.  To enhance this 24/7 Central Office are on-duty management to handle your needs.  Senior management are available to take calls 24-hours a day, 365 days per year. We will take care of any and all issues immediately and effectively regardless of the time of day.  



We work closely with all our clientele to fit their unique business needs. During our monthly quality control meetings, the client and the Phoenix management will check relevant facts to measure performance against the set security goals. These meetings are the basis of an ongoing quality control process and we rate on areas such as:


  • Policy and Procedures

  • Daily Inspections

  • Timekeeping and Hours Worked

  • Support, Management and Supervision

  • Security Operation

  • Customer Comments & Concerns

  • Management Evaluations

  • Manager Evaluations and Visits

  • Operative Reports


Call us to arrange an appointment where we can show you the benefits of Phoenix Security Hawaii. Often we remain very discrete as requested so as not to alarm current on-duty vendors or staff.  In many cases, prospective clients have developed working relationships with security officers or supervisors from current outgoing security vendors.  Provided these officers pass our screening processes, we can offer them continued employment and assignment at their current positions. Should the opposite be the case, we can completely replace entire security teams of any size.

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