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When Phoenix Security Hawaii receives a call indicating a tripped alarm, our 24/7 Central Dispatch Office deploys one of our highly trained vehicle patrol officers to respond. Our response vehicles equipped with GPS software that tracks and monitors our vehicles on patrol. This enables us to dispatch the closest patrol unit and allows the officer in the vehicle to quickly navigate to the alarm site.


Our officer will inspect the business, home or building to identify the cause of the alarm. If a threat or break-in is detected, the officer will immediately notify law enforcement and stand-by until the issue is resolved.




  • Exterior inspection of your facility; check your property for signs of break-in or damage

  • Check all building perimeters on your property

  • Interior inspection of critical areas of your property, if desired

  • Check all doors and windows for security breaches

  • Activate, Reset or deactivate alarms




Eliminate False Alarm Fees: Most alarm activations are verified by calling the premises to speak with a designated representative or contact person. If the dispatcher is unable to verify that the alarm is false, they adhere to emergency call-out procedures. When the appointed responder is the local police department and they respond to a false alarm, false alarm fees can be imposed. However, if Phoenix Security Hawaii is the appointed responder, our officer would arrive to inspect the premises, they would contact authorities if they determine the alarm to be valid. Our officer would complete a full report on their findings whether false or valid.


Quicker Response Time: Alarm calls placed to law enforcement are filtered by priority at the time they are received. Sometimes this can increase the time that law enforcement takes to respond. However, Phoenix Security Hawaii gives immediate attention to these calls, they are priority for us. Our response times are often better than law enforcement, without the risk of penalties or fines.


Phoenix Security Hawaii provides, licensed and highly trained officers who are experienced in security alarm response.


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