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L. Siracusa & Associates Inc., dba Phoenix Hawaii; is the brainchild of Mr. Louis Siracusa, Jr. Phoenix Hawaii was born in February of 1994, out of the ashes of other security agencies that Louis helped to manage. Thus the name Phoenix has proven to be symbolic: as it rises above the competition for which Louis divested his time and energy for much of his life. Instead of choosing to offer service like other competitors who do not adequately provide support and client tailoring; he chose to start his own Security Agency. Now, that wealth of knowledge is well known to industry insiders, professional clientele, and other agencies alike.


Today we provide a wide array of services from physical Security protection and regular patrol checks, to special event planning, executive protection, film and television projects, loss protection and prevention – all available state-wide twenty fours hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year.


In addition, the Company provides Police assistance and remains focused on being a primary cog in the community in preventing and deterring crime while maintaining our high standard of service and excellence.


The Company represents a broad base of clients ranging from property managers, banks, utilities, residential dwellings, commercial properties, industrial complexes, and even the local and mainland film and advertising industries.

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