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Phoenix Security Hawaii’s security and crowd management expertise is highly respected throughout the industry. We are contracted frequently to coordinate security operations for well-known Business Conferences, Local Events, Hawaii Convention Center events, concerts and sporting Events State wide.

Phoenix Security Hawaii has years of experience in the planning, development and operation of security at these special events. By applying the most effective training and support, we have gained the reputation of being the preferred security provider.




  • Business Conferences

  • Conventions

  • Local Events

  • Televised Sporting Events

  • Trade Shows

  • Political Gatherings

  • Red Carpet Events

Whether you are hosting a convention, concert, or any other kind of entertainment event, it is important that the guest who attend are focused on enjoying themselves and not preoccupied with worrying about their safety & security. To make sure that every event you produce is executed smoothly, Phoenix Security Hawaii will provide you with professionally trained and experienced security officers to handle all of your crowd management and customer service needs. From the moments before the event begins until the crowds have safely departed the venue, the Event Security on hand will be on top of maintaining an orderly gathering for all participants to enjoy.

All of our security officers are trained and dedicated to ensure safety at all times through developed risk assessment methods including identifying threats, removing unlawful participants from the premises, responding to emergency situations and evacuation techniques.




  • Uniformed Security Officers

  • Aloha Attire Physical Officers

  • Plain Clothes Guards

  • Crowd Management

  • Crowd/Parking Control Services

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