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The Retail Industry is made up of many business functions to include Store Operations, Warehousing & Distribution, Logistics, and Administration. We address the needs of our retail clients through our Retail Loss Prevention Services Division focusing on three high-level objectives: Personnel Safety, Business Continuity and Asset Protection, which includes the following services: 


  • Professional Loss Prevention Officer to Deter Shoplifting

  • Retail Uniform Security Officers




Shoplifting Prevention involves many activities, functions and programs designed to reduce a retailer's loss due to theft, control deficiencies and operating inefficiencies.


Shoplifting is a major contributor to shrink and successful retailers must take reasonable steps to protect merchandise from theft via shoplifting to remain successful. The more effective these measures are, the more likely the retailer will be able to deliver product to their customers at the lowest possible price and improve their profitability and competitiveness in the market place. 


The focus of this program is to effectively, and more efficiently, reduce the incident of shoplifting, without creating unnecessary liability or disruption to the business of our clients.




The Store-Greeter Service is both a loss prevention and customer service program. It provides another valuable component to deterring shoplifting through our physical presence as store greeters. In this capacity, our employees interact with customers, vendors, and employees as they enter and exit a store, deter theft and vandalism, and identify and report policy violations. They receive additional training on store-specific shrink issues so they are more aware of their surrounding environment. 


The Loss prevention program is completely customizable to the individual preferences and objectives of our clients. Training modules provide the officer with the primary responsibilities of the store-greeter position, including: 


  • Maintaining a constant presence at the entrance

  • Officer appearance

  • Professional conduct

  • Deterring crime

  • Greeting patrons

  • Preparing incident reports

  • Responding properly to alarms

  • Validating receipts

  • Performing store tours

  • Deterring shoplifters

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